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Mikasa La'Charles

Meet the Designer

"God made life to be simple...

Only overthink when it comes to what you're going to wear!" 

-Mikasa La'Charles




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    fashion has been an   integral part of my life.  Fashion is more than articles of clothing to fulfill a basic need, it is an expression of oneself.  It is an outlet to escape surrounding chaos and to make oneself heard without saying a word.  Fabrics that surround the body can unite unfamiliar souls from across a room. 


Finding one's purpose is a journey and I want to invite you to join me, as I boldly continue to walk the path of my purpose in fashion design & styling- letting go of fear, insecurity and doubt. 


My blog serves as a vessel to motivate the single Mom who has had to pause her pursuits, the go-getter who refuses to allow where they come from determine where they shall go and the little girl whose dreams are bigger than the galaxy itself.   Inhale, exhale, explore and enjoy as I share what inspires me in this unpredictable and opinionated world. 



Since the age of 5

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