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If there is one thing I have learned, it is that challenges will ensue whether one is ready for them or not. For the most part, I feel quite blessed that my daily life is full of wonders and joys versus obstacles and disappointments; but that doesn't mean my many merry moments aren't bombarded from time to time with a challenge. Whether if that guy I vetted for months/years (yeah, I said years lol) turns out to not be one or if a quick decision to take the interstate to arrive on-time turns out to be a horrible decision as I am greeted with bumper to bumper traffic, I have learned that there are some things we can't prevent. I often cringe at anyone who says "it is always something" because the reality is that there will always be something but the key factor (all that matters) is how we choose to handle what comes to us. I have committed to let go of the overthinking and anxiety; and approach every situation with an open mind and extra enthusiasm. Join me- you can do it! Just remember to always be gentle and patient with yourself. You are doing great!

I have learned that there are some things we can't prevent

Below are the two methods I have implemented to get through what can sometimes be not the most fun and perfect world.

Method 1: Always find the good, in the not so good:

  1. Remember that sometimes you have to breakdown in order to breakthrough

  2. One step back only means that you will now be able to go two steps forward

  3. Always ask yourself: What is this experience here to teach me?

Method 2: Pray, He is always readily available to listen. I am not sure if anyone else has ever experienced being flushed with frustration and after praying feeling an immediate sense of release and reassurance that everything will be alright. If you have not, try it- it works!

Highlighting how to overcome a challenge dubbed this photoshoot to be perfectly titled 'Challenge-HER' as I stylishly posed with this bad girl, all-white Dodge!

Get the look!

Jumpsuit- Top Shop

Booties- 42 Gold at Nordstorm

Coat- The Fur Vault @ Macy's

Gingham Plaid Shorts- Top Shop

Off-the-Shoulder Top- Top Shop

Yeah, ya girl likes herself some Top Shop hahaha


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