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My name is Mikasa, but you can call me MiMi...

I am not sure if it was during a meeting with Mary or due to the forced stillness of the pandemic or perhaps the result of 2020 heartache - regardless of the cause, the effect made me look at my life in a new, ultra radiant light. Through prayer, meditation and a variety of self help books (I love Oprah, let me just say) I began to reflect A LOT and even courageously asked myself a question so grandiose it caused me to finally destroy all of the fear and doubt that resided within me longer than I would ever want to admit... the question that began to circulate in my thoughts, searching for an answer was "if today was my last day to live, what would I regret?"

I began to ask myself a question... if today was my last day to live, what would I regret?

In college, a good friend of mine once told me that the best ideas can be found in a cemetery. That thought always resonated deeply with me, as I can only imagine the number of people who perish away, too afraid to really pursue what drives their inner souls to self-satisfaction and TRUE joy. None the less, what I know for sure is that my only regret in life would be allowing the daily responsibilities of adulting obscure my vision to design and pursue an entrepreneurial career in fashion.

I was born in North Philly and raised in Norfolk, VA but I can recall as though it was yesterday sitting in the dining room of my Philly row home creating the most fashion forward sketches any 5 year old creative around could make. (Honestly, I think it is during our youth where our heart's desire for the life we want is curated. We know what we want so early on but then allow fear to block it.) After completing my most recent design of patterned rectangles, squares and some triangles, I asked my Mother if this would be something that I could do forever. Lovingly she replied "yes, they are called fashion designers." My heart rejoiced and from that day forward, fashion provided me with an outlet to express myself, a silence of serenity, a jubilation of joy and a distinct path to fulfill my destiny.

Honestly, I think it is during our youth where our heart's desire for the life we want is curated.

It delights me to invite you on my new journey to return to my home in fashion. This blog is more than the display of pretty things but a narrative of how a single Mom, balances what she has to do with what she wants to do. How a girl from Philly and only raised wealthy in manners, family, values, principals, and education creates a successful business from the ground up. A testament of how all things really are possible when you have faith in God. A time stamp of the unapologetic greatness I am refusing to let up this time around. The reality that the only culprit standing in the way of success is ourselves.

I appreciate you joining me on this journey, you will not be disappointed.

Get The Look!!!

Hat: Brixton

Slip Dress: Top Shop

Sweater: Top Shop

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Clutch: Brahmin

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