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No white after Labor Day?!

You have heard it before, you know.... the rule that someone made up , sometime ago, saying something about not wearing white after Labor Day. The silliest rule applied to fashion ever- right beside never mixing prints. Could you imagine not combining animals prints or varied polka dots? Life would be so bland. I mean don't get me wrong, I have a few rules myself which some may find... well, odd! Bravely, I will share some...but remember, I advised that this blog would be a blend between Fashion and Real Life!!

...I have a few rules myself which some may find... well, odd!

-Never date anyone from work, the same neighborhood or gym

-Never go backwards... if it didn't work the first time, the second and third tries will just be epic fails

-Never expect people to remain the same...either they change for the better or for the worst

-Never let one experience dictate the next. Just don't be a fool twice


Check out this post-Labor Day white shoe look while visiting Charlottesville, VA. The weather was beautiful and scenery was nothing short of captivating.

Hat by Brixton

Top by H&M

Jeans by Madewell ....may I just add how these jeans fit like a new favorite after J. Brand

Shoes by BP Shoes

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