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The Grand Canyon

In the midst of this pandemic, my soul has never yearned to travel more than it has now. Maybe this desire is resulting from the 2020 promise I made to myself to live life more or perhaps it is just the inner workings of me overcoming fear and reassuringly hearing 'girl, God will protect you, now go and explore (just be safe).' Either way my trip to Arizona was one for the books. An all-girls trip of seven in total, where the drama was non-existent and the fun was on overload. Our four day itinerary was packed and I can't wait to share some of the adventures explored.

Maybe this desire is resulting from the 2020 promise I made to myself to live life more...

First up, the Grand Canyon... I've heard that this visual marvel is a Wonder of the World and post-seeing it with my own eyes, it is exactly that! A full day spent hitting the open road from Phoenix, fashionably transported in two Jeep Wranglers for 3.5 hrs , to arrive to the Grand Canyon. One amazing thing completed outside of capturing my sporty look was that I hiked thousands of feet in elevation downward to the coveted 'ooh ahh point.' I just love the natural beauty God blesses each of us to view and delight in daily.

The pandemic is real but don't live in fear, instead wear a mask, wash your hands, use good discernment and enjoy the earth given to you by God. Just having the gift of life is a marvel all on its own- appreciate it and walk in faith!

Loved this adventurous look? Deets below!

Bucket Hat: Field & Stream

Jacket: Field & Stream

Sports Bra: Victoria's Secret

Leggings: Victoria's Secret

Thermal Crop Top (around waist): Target by Wild Fable (Currently, sold out)

Boots: Xpeti




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